Electrical & Instrumentation Studies

Alinoz, with its experienced pool of Principal Safety & Risk consultants, have performed the following HSE studies.

The SAFOP process is a systematic approach to review the safety and operability of the design of an electrical installation from a technical, maintenance and operational viewpoint.

A SAFAN examines the physical layout and accessibility of electrical equipment and related facilitie and assesses the potential for hazards to personnel who are to operate, work on, or be in the vicinity of the facilities.

An OPTAN examines the tasks of the operators (electrical and others) of the electrical system in control and maintenance situations, in both normal and abnormal conditions. It assesses whether adequate facilities are provided and addresses the adequacy of operator interface and operator’s ability to carry out the required tasks and to do so in a safe manner without error.

Cyber security risk assessment requires a multi‐disciplinary workshop team, and should include subject‐matter experts from IT, Operations, Engineering, Automation, and Process Safety who will work together to evaluate all the potential cyber threats that might compromise the reliability or safety of the operation.

The cyber security risk assessment shall be conducted in accordance with the COMPANY guideline & IEC 62443.

Our chairpersons have experience of conducting Re-Validation HAZOP for existing facilities.

Our Chairpersons are approved by leading operating companies such as ADNOC, QP, QG, PDO, TOTAL, BP, SHELL etc.

Our in-house scribing engineers, have excellent process safety knowledge and scribing skills.