Loss Prevention Engineering

Objective of the Loss prevention Engineering is to reduces the risk to personnel, assets and environment to “As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) level”. This aim will be achieved by applying International code & standards, proven design practice & technology, coupled with various safety studies, undertaken during this phase of the project.

Alinoz, with its experienced pool of Principal Safety & Risk consultants, Technical Safety Engineers to carryout the Project with more standard quality.

Active fire protection measures also provided in the basic plant design, But effectively only when activated response to fire. The Initiation of active fire protection measures, whether fixed systems or mobile fire fighting systems, depends on the fire detection and alarm arrangements.

Active fire protection is characterized by items and/or systems, which need some actions / activation in order to work against fire.

The main functions of Active fire protection are

  1. Extinguish the fire
  2. Control the fire
  3. Exposure protection

Passive fire protection comprises measures which are taken in order to prevent a fire occurring and to limit its spread. One of the principle passive fire protection measures is Fire proofing. Passive fire protection shall also provide protection of equipment, containing large quantities of flammable products, whose failure in case of fire scenario could cause extensive damage to the environment. The optimum solution to the fire protection problem is normally combination of passive and active measures. Often passive fire protection can limit fire spread and can ‘buy time’ in which the firefighting resources can be mobilized.

An F&G detection system shall be installed to monitor all areas of the project facilities to provide early warning of fires and gas releases. This shall cover:

Assessment of fire and gas hazards in each zone according to the hazards;

Specification of the equipment to be used; and

Determination of the number and location of detectors.

This Fire & gas Detection system Philosophy provides a description on the following basic functions of F&G:

Monitoring and detection of fires and accumulation of flammable gases

Initiating of appropriate actions to minimize the consequences of a fire or an accumulation of gas.

It interfaces with the Emergency Shutdown system (ESD), fire protection system, and electrical system of the installation.

Alerting personnel via Sounders, Beacons & PA system, identifying the hazard and its locations.

Our chairpersons have experience of conducting Re-Validation HAZOP for existing facilities.

Our Chairpersons are approved by leading operating companies such as ADNOC, QP, QG, PDO, TOTAL, BP, SHELL etc.

Our in-house scribing engineers, have excellent process safety knowledge and scribing skills.